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We all love technology because it made our lives easier. iAuxis provides importation and distribution channel to the most innovative technology company on the planet. So, if you think you have the most innovative tech to change the world, we will be happy to have you on board.



We have a stronghold of more than 200 distribution channels in the region and we make sure that the technology we love can reach the majority channel market. Our sales are veterans and has more than 10 years of retail and corporate experience and professional in dealing with its all types of market segments.


We only provide partnership to companies who provide new innovations in consumer electronics. We believe that with new inventions created everyday, only few make it to the market. With our market experience, we curate only the best ideas that can change the market landscape. Thus, this niche is our advantage.

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iAuxis team are hunger for innovative products to distribute. We are excited to know about it specially if we see its marketability.

We do marketing

iAuxis provide an in-depth study of products before it deploy for distribution. We make sure that all products we carry has a perfect buying customers.


About us

iAuxis Philippines, Inc. is an ASEAN distributor of innovative lifestyle products founded in 2016 to cater the market demands for digital lifestyle.

As a distribution company, iAuxis carefully selects the brands that source out around the world and it run through our standardized processes to ensure that we provide the best products in the market before we sent them to our pool of distributors for delivery to end-users across the country.